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Malleolus translates from lation as majuelo, which is the name used in Pesquera de Duero for a small vineyard. With its creation we substituted the categories of crianza, reserva and gran reserva, for wines with their own identity. Cultivated using grapes from majuelos of between 25 and 75 years old, its is a great milestone in the history of Emilio Moro.

Tasting Notes

It is the essence of our oldest vineyards that is the key to understanding this Malleolus, which, through its grape variety matured for 18 months in 500 ltr French oak barrels, intensely expresses balsamic aromas, spices and tobacco contributed from the oak, naturally enriching the grand ensemble.
Aromas of ripe, black fruits are still present throughout the tasting and clearly indicate the raw material wherein lies the richness and exclusivity of this wine.

Process: The wine spends 18 days macerating with the skins and then undergoes the malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels. It has been aged for 18 months in new Allier French oak barrels until the moment it is bottled.


Variety: 100% TINTO FINO


Production: 100.000 Bottles of 0.75 L

Characteristics of the harvest

Even through the spring frosts delayed the budding the vines developed well, making use of the water reserves from the abundant winter rains and the high summer temperatures. A calm and controlled harvest.


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