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Our vineyards

Tradition, effort, affection. Each of these words could be included in the definition of grape harvest, at least in the definition it has for us in the winery.

It is a unique moment, full of illusion, in which we put all our hopes that the fruit, the grape, to which we dedicate so much time and attention, will give us the opportunity to produce wines as special as the ones we have at Bodegas Emilio Moro.

Grape harvest begins

Nervousness is present, the team is ready for the grape harvest and among them, unique sensations emerge. The vineyard is waiting for us, the grapes are ready and one of the most important moments in the winery has arrived: the harvest.

Find out all about the harvest in the next chapters.

Constant pampering from the beginning

The dance has begun!

The grapes are beginning to arrive in our hopper, although the process began months ago when the plant bore its first fruits. Discover all the evolution of the plant and how our technical department selects the ideal moment for its collection.


The grape, "the master key to make our wines" has already arrived at the winery and it is time to make sure that everything works to start the processes in our facilities. The grape journey is long, from the hopper to the destemmer, the crusher and the tanks. Do not miss how fermentation occurs and how it goes from fruit to must in the words of our team.


When the last harvested grape enters the winery, the harvest can be considered over, but is it really the end? Discover with us what this ‚Äúend‚ÄĚ means.

Discover grape harvest

In a unique place, our vineyard; with an unbeatable company, boys and girls from Down Valladolid accompanied by their families and friends; we have enjoyed together with the collaborators of the winery a magical day in which the attendees have learned the process of the grape harvest through educational workshops in game form.

The work of Down Valladolid in the inclusion and recognition of the autonomy of people with Down Syndrome and intellectual disabilities is laudable and from Bodegas Emilio Moro we have joined in organizing this event in which children and adults have learned to grape harvest and have enjoyed an extraordinary day.

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