Emilio Moro 2016


Emilio Moro’s brand name used to refer to crianzas and reservas, but today it is a synonym for exclusivity. These concept faded away with the vintage from 98. Emilio Moro, the heart of the cellar has been elaborated from 15 to 25 year-old majuelos vineyards.

Details of the harvest

An extraordinary year with a very wet winter and a spring characterised by high temperatures that favoured the growth of our vine stocks. The summer temperatures were slightly over average and with scarce rainfall. Nevertheless, thanks to the cool nights the vines did not suffer from stress and this enhanced a huge aromatic and phenolic maturity. Weather benevolence favoured an early harvesting and October rains, that could compromise grape’s health, was avoided.

History & tasting notes

This wine has been named after its creator and represents the cellar’s alma mater. Emilio Moro had previously named crianzas and reservas, but from 1998 vintage these concepts are no longer used. Our brand only refers to wine made from 12 to 25 year-old majuelos vineyards.

Winemaking process

15 day-maceration with skin and 12 month ageing in American and French oak barrels until bottling.

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