Malleolus 2016


Malleolus is the Latin term for “majuelo”, the common name for vineyards in Pesquera de Duero. As this wine was born, we replaced crianza, reserva and gran reserva categories by wines with their own identity. Elaborated with grapes from 25 to 75 year-old “majuelo” (vineyards), it represents a turning point in Emilio Moro’s history.

Details of the harvest

The cool temperatures of the beginning of the Spring and the abundant rains delayed slightly the sprouting of the vineyard. However, those rains formed soil reserves, that will have great importance in the rest of the vine’s vegetative cycle. After Spring, Summer came with slightly higher temperatures than normal and average rainfall, except for September that was especially dry. Soil water reserves accumulated during the winter and spring were sufficient to maintain an optimal performance of the plant, which together with the dry and hot month of September, resulted in a year of abundant harvest balanced and with great maturity.

History & tasting notes

The word “Malleoulus” comes from the Latin and translates to “majuelo” (small and old vineyard), a way of referring to the small and old plots in Pesquera de Duero that families used to make wine.

To produce this wine, we selected grapes from the vines between 25 and 75 years old, trained both in bush and trellis form.

Winemaking process

14 months in French oak barrels of 500L.

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