First it was Cepa 21, a winery that, although also under the D.O. Ribera del Duero, was going for a wine profile that was much more modern, risky and complex. Now Emilio Moro, headed by the third generation of a family dedicated to wine and committed to quality, launches production of its first white wine in an area far better known for its Mencía reds, but with a lot of potential introduce important white wines, which are distinct and very surprising.

At the moment, Bodegas Emilio Moro has produced 16,000 kilos of the Godello berciano variety from the 2016 vintage and different soils in order to gain knowledge of the Bierzo area and its vineyards and, although this has not been the best year in terms of vintage conditions, the first barrel tastings have shown good results. According to José Moro, president of the winery, the objective now is to work on the aromatic profile of the Godello grape and know all its variables.

This project was born with the challenge of adding a quality white to the already known range of its Emilio Moro and Cepa 21 reds. We intend to produce a fine, elegant wine with fat, body and aging capacity,explains Jose Moro, representative of the third generation of the Moro family, for which this is their first experience outside of Ribera del Duero. He adds: We want to find the wine we are looking for and once we do, we will consider launching it to the market.

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